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Continuous Innovation

Elitema provides you continuous updatable systems instead of do and forget. All modules of Elitema including the web site are updated in accordance with new technologies and ideas. Whenever you have bought your system, you are always updated.


Elitema consists of many modules to support your sales and marketing. You may start with the most suitable package for you and you may add new modules and features any time you wish. As your company grow up or your needs increase the solutions we have the solutions ready.

CRM Architecture

We provide you many campaign tools to gain new clients and keep the existing ones. Product campaigns, voucher codes, points earning, customer decomposition and more are within your hand reach to increase your sales.

Easy Payment System

Your customers complete payment quickly by customer recognition, easy data entrance and instant error notice. Bank recognition via card number, instalment options in terms of product and date, payment by money transfer or deposit, PayUi Paypal and many local bank integrations are ready at our system.

User Friendly

All our screens are designed for fast and easy data transactions from product entry to web site management, reservation entry and reservation management. You may login system any time anywhere and do the transactions easily by the help of all modules being web based.

Seo Architecture

Web module is designed for to be found easily both for organic and paid searches. Product base meta tag adding, understandable page names (URL Rewrite), meta tag adding to special pages and coding compatible to general search engines. What you need to be in front is ready in our architecture.

Supports Differents Languages for Different Markets

  • English

  • Arabian

  • Persian

  • Russian

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Kazakh

  • Turkish

Whatever You Need

We provide solutions special to your needs.

You may sell flight tickets, accommodation, daily tours, accommodated tours, airport transfers, commited flight seats and rent a car services online on Elitema.

We reach you instantly and understand easily by the help of our web based systems and our management center to track all our clients at a single panel.

All reservations made at your web site, office or reseller channel use the same quota and database. So you can sell a single product on different channels all at once.

You may use tailor made designs as well as one of our beatifull ready designs from our gallery.

Diversified Marketing Channels

We Offer You 3 Main Modules Integrated Each Other

Web Site

We provide you a turn-key real online system that is fast, updatable and serviceable.

Our web sites help your clients to reach the products they are searching easily by result filtering, product listings special to customer types and recognizing customer inputs. It offers the right product at the right time by dynamic package feature. Membership and CRM modules and customer recognition, reaching the previous reservations, discount and points earning features help your customers feel special.

Backoffice Module

Using Elitema Backoffice Module, that increased speed and performance of your sales team, you may minimize the mistakes in sales and increase your profit.

You can make online payment sales from your office, you may track all reservations coming from all channels, you can track provider and reseller payments and get operational lists.

You may view the performance of your sales channels, staff and products and make fast and effective decisions.

Reseller Module (B2B)

Using Elitema Reseller Module, you may increase your sales by providing an easy sales environment to your reseller agencies. You may save time and money by automatically replying the reservation requests without using any staff or fax machine.

You may apply different and specific commission model, payment type, quota or profit for each agency at Reseller Module. Your agencies can see reservation amendments online and can track commissions and payables and receivables instantly.

We Offer You 3 Packages To Become an Online Travel Agency

You can begin from any packages and add new features to your packages anytime

Standard Package

Buy your services online and enjoy having online reservations...

  • Web Site
  • Online reservation
  • 1 Credit Card Integration
  • Accommodation, Tour, Rent a Car and Transfer Services


Professional Package

For starting up online travel agency business professionally

  • Web Site + CRM
  • Online Reservation, Automatic Controls
  • Unlimited Ready Credit Card Integration
  • Accommodation, Tour, Rent a Car and Transfer Services.


Advanced Package

For having reservations from website, office and Resellers..

  • Website+CM+Office Modue+Reseller Module
  • Online Reservation, Automatic Controls
  • Unlimited Credit Card Integration
  • Accommodation, Tour, Rent a Car and Transfer Services.


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