Iati XML (API) Integration

Sell flight tickets of all over the world using Elitema Iati Integration.

Iati, is an agency providing products to travel agencies. Using Iati Elitema Integration you can sell flight tickets of all over the world on your web site, at your office or through your reseller channels online.

We arrange all the technical details after you have made an XML (API) contact with Iati.

Iati XML integration uses open account for in exchange for the tickets sold. You determine the service fees to be applied for flight classes and collect the payments through your own virtual POS. Your customers can buy flight tickets and your other products at the same time and make payment at once. Your customer can select the reservation or buy option. The customers who made reservation, can make ticketing automatically by making payment through your web site or at your office.

We record all flight ticket transactions you made through each of your sales channels. In case of any discrepancy, we contact with Iati on behalf of you using those records.

Decide your strategy and let us to prepare a turnkey system for you.

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