(CRM ) Customer Relationships Module

CRM Module offers incredible tools to direct your customers to sales.

Points Earning

Let your customers earn points from the reservations they made through your your office or website. Define different points to different products. Let your customers spend those points at your web site or office sales system. In this way guarantee your customers make new reservations.

Coupon Discounts

In order to motivate potential customers to make reservation create coupon discounts special to them. You may limit those coupon discounts with number of reservations and date interval. Announce the coupons you have defined to your customers through ads and convert your ads to sales.

Promotions and Campaigns

You may organise campaigns and promotions for your existing or potential customers. You may sell a second product discounted or free to your customers who bought a product that you would like to promote. Or you can make promotions for the customers who have shopped above a specific amount.

Membership and Online Balance Payment

You may collect the balance of your customers who have completed reservation paying deposit. Your existing customers can make transactions of their earlier reservations, view their points and pay the balance online by logging in the system.

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