Built a Bridge between you and your sales partners.

Each agency works with the rules you have defined special to them. Sub Agency module works integrated with all other modules.

Varied Sales Models

Offer three different commission model to your resellers;
  • “Net Price” model for net buying prices.,
  • “Commission” model for getting commission on selling prices.
  • "Freee Commission" model for deciding own commissions.

Varied Payment Types

You can specify which payment option- current account, credit card or money transfer your agencies can use. You can offer payment from commission or partial payment options. You can define credit limit for your agencies. You can automatically control the limits of the agencies which you are working with a current account and prevent overdraft.

Diversified Price Policies 

You can apply different currency, price, commission rate, profit rate and even quota for your agencies according to your marketing strategy. If you wish you can specify the product group that each agency will sell.

Quick and Easy Reservation

You may define many users with different roles for your agencies. Your agencies can accomplish their reservation easily on a system provides the information they are looking for on the right time and right place, entering our web based system and without getting lost in reservation steps.

Reservation and Commission Tracking

All listing screens are equipped with different search criteria. So your agencies can reach their previous reservations easily on your web based systems and confirm their pre-reservations by making payment. They can track their commissions receivables and commission payables very quickly.

Creating Affiliate Systems

You can provide your agencies to sell your products on their website directly or through a link to your website just with a few clicks. All the sales are done with the prices you have defined for the agency and the agency can track their sales and commissions on your system.


You and your agencies can track receivables and payables very through user friendly screens. You may add commission payments, agency payments and collections very easily to the system and view balances of all parties at a glance.

Messaging and Announcement System

You and your agency message each other through the system. The system automatically creates messages for status changes of reservation to inform all the parties. You may create special announcement for your agencies to inform them about campaigns.

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