A Single Screen for Your Office Sales and Operation

The Office Module which will increase the number and efficiency of your sales from your office or telephone operates integrated with all other modules.

Increase in Sales

Time for reservation entrance is shortened dramatically by the Office Module. The system automatically calculates the product price, directs the reservation flow, offers alternative products instantly and collects payment online. Your staff just concentrates on sales. All the sales team reaches the same and unique information about the products.

Request Management

You can track the request of your customers coming through your web site or directly with different status. You may prepare quotation for those requests and link them each other expeditiously. You can send your quotations instantly to your customers using mail templates. You can convert requests to reservation by providing different options quickly to your customers.


You may make your products more attractive to your customers by making discounts. This can be a controlled sale if you can decide the bargaining amount. You can specify a different bargaining rate for each sale staff and you can limit the bargaining rates with a percentage of your profit.

Supplier Approval System

You may send e-mail to your suppliers through system and check if they are read and get confirmed. By this way you can minimize the troubles in reservations.

Customer Recognition

You may surprise your clients who learned price, checked out and turned back. You may enable your guests to proceed the reservation from the point they left using our feature of resuming reservation.

Payment Tracking System

Do not miss the reservations with uncompleted payment. List the uncompleted payments just with a click, send balance e-mails to your customers with another click and ensure them pay online. Track all payment transactions easily using the system.


You may track the payables and receivables with your suppliers and resellers through user friendly screens. You may add your payments and collections quickly to the system and view the balance of all the parties at a glance.

Reservation Management

You may add new products to an existing reservation, update the price of the products, status and all information of the reservation. You may cancel the reservation calculating no show. You may add warnings for other users and collect the balance online. Also you may track all the changes at the logs.

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