Finding Customers is the Most Expensive Investment of Marketing.

And losing them is so easy

What Your Customers Want ?

  • They want to feel special. They want to be remembered.
  • They want make transactions easily and not to re-enter data.
  • They want to see novelty each time they visit your web site.
  • They want a reservation flow they used to.
  • They want to earn points from reservations and discounts special to them.

What We Provide

Elitema provides reservation flows from 3 different channels to your customers: search engine, listing and show case products.

Helps your customers to reach the products by filters at results, product listings special to customer type and saving search results.

Offers supplementary products at right time by dynamic package feature.

Make your customers feel special by customer recognition, reaching previous reservations, discounts and points earning features by the help of membership and CRM modules.

Elitema Web Sites Open New Doors for You

Customise in Your Own Way

You may customise your web site in your own way.

You may add as many show case product and add groups as you wish. You may turn on or off many features at your pages and tailor as your needs.

Stay Updated

Your web site is updated continuously.

The innovations on internet, your request and ideas are reviewed continuously and the required applications are developed and adapted to your web site. You stay updated even you are not aware of it.

Designs Special to You.

We offer you 3 different options:

Fixed Design : You can select one of our elegant readymade designs
Standard Design : we customize header and footer of fixed designs special to you.
Exclusive Design: : The main page and the theme of your web page is design special to you.

User Friendly Web Site

The web sites that your customers ask for.

  • The data entered is saved no re-entrance needed.
  • Your customers easily reach the products they are looking for without getting lost in your web site.
  • Your customer can use any of 10 payment methods or finish reservation without payment

Search Engine Optimisation

We provide web sites that search engines like.

Product base meta tag adding, understandable page names (URL Rewrite), meta tag adding to special pages and coding compatible to general search engines. What ever you need to be in front is ready in our substructure.

Take Your Position in the Market

You can concentrate on what you would like to sell.

You can present your products with top priority very fast creating unlimited show case and promotional products. You can use different ad areas of your web site to motivate your customers easily and efficiently.

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