Hotelspro API Integration

You can sell not only your hotels but also hundred of thousands of hotels through Hotelspro simultaneously using Elitema

Hotelspro s a hotel wholesaler selling more than two hundred thousands of hotels of 190 countries online. Using Hotelspro Elitema Integration, you can sell hundreds of thousands of hotels on your web site, at your office or through your seller channels online.

We arrange all the technical details after you have made an XML (API) contact with Hotelspro.

Depending on your contract with Hotelspro, you can use the payment system of the company as well as your own virtual POS. If the same hotel exists both in Hotelspro and your own contracts, you can decide which one to offer to the customer using “Mapping” system. In case of such coincidence you can decide to of one of the options below:

  • The Cheapest Hotel
  • Your Contracted Hotel
  • Hotelpro’s hotel
  • Both of them

We record all hotel searches and reservation transactions you made through each of your sales channels. In case of any discrepancy, we contact with Hotelspro on behalf of you using those records.

Decide your strategy and let us to prepare a turnkey system for you.


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