Alive Flight Ticket Sales Systems

You have two solutions to sell online flight tickets.

You may directly connect to the airlines without using any other third parties by our solution for IATA agencies.

You may directly connect to THY, Pegasus, Atlasglobal, Borajet, Sunexpress and Onurair Airlines and make ticketing or reservation online.

You may sell flight tickets and have reservations through XML to anywhere in the world by directly connecting to Amadeus and Galileo.You may allow your reresellers to sell tickets on their web sites.



If you are not an IATA agency or looking for a cheap solution to sell flight tickets, this solution is just for you.

You can sell online flight tickets on Iati Travel Agency or an IATA travel agency using Elitema substructure.

Since our connection is not an Iframe but a direct XML connection, you can advertise through Google Adwords and easily indexed by search engines.


Features of Our Flight Tickets System

The below features are exist both at IATA and Non-Iata Solutions.

Diversified Marketing Channels

You may sell flight tickets on your web site, mobile web site, from your office or through your rereseller channels.

Customer Tracking

You may reach all the transactions of your customers, ticketing steps or bank connection logs instantly.

Documentation Management

You can manage rules for automatic SMS and ticket sending after ticketing and reservation.

Data Logging

You can log all the transactions with an airline or all transaction of a reservation.

Search Engine

You can be forward at search engines by creating unlimited number of flight ticket pages using Content Management Module.

Transaction Tracking

You can track all ticketings, failures, incompleted reservations through management panel.

Different Service Fees

You can apply different services fees to different flight classes.

Supplementary Product Sale

You can sell your tours, accommodation, transfer or rent a car with your flight ticket and collect the payment at once.

Commitment Seat Sales Module

You can define and sell the seats that you have bought from airline companies online.

You can buy seasonal flight seat for specific destinations and sell online using our Charter Module. You can calculate the cost of flight seat nearly actual using the values such as empty leg factor or occupancy rate. You can define different flight classes and sell the cheap seat first. You can define price and quota in general and change for each flight. You can add services inclusive to flight service and define extra services to sell your customers.

You can view how much tickets you have sold of each class for each flight instantly using flight lists and download passenger lists to make flight planning.



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